Windows 7 10 11 how to uninstall product key

The instructions below are for properly uninstalling the key in the OEM license.

Attention! The following instructions should be used only when you intend to 
reinstall the system or change the device to another! To uninstall the product key from the registry go to the command prompt, then go to the
search box in the Start menu and type: cmd.exe Then right click / Run as administrator And enter the following commands: slmgr.vbs / upk slmgr.vbs / cpky slmgr.vbs / rearm Restart the computer after typing the commands. Actions of the entered commands: slmgr.vbs / upk - Deactivates the system. slmgr.vbs / cpky - Deletes a key from the registry. slmgr.vbs / rearm - Retry system trial time - additional 30 days of using the system. Ready! You can move the just uninstalled key to another computer or format
your windows operating system - it is recommended that you use the same Microsoft account. You can buy an OEM version key here: Windows 10 Pro OEM KEY Windows 10 Home OEM KEY