Even after more than a decade from its release, Minecraft remains as one of the most played and talked about video games, regardless of the platform. The game is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, VR headsets, Apple and Android devices, Amazon tablets, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, 3DS, and many more.

One of the best aspects of Minecraft is that it allows players to express themselves freely in a digital world. Players can use texture packs to further customize their experience, changing the look of the surrounding environment. How to install texture packs in Minecraft for Windows 10? Let’s find out.

What’s the phenomenon of Minecraft?

First released in 2009, Minecraft is one of the most iconic and influential games of the last decade. The game features a sandbox-style gameplay and is known for its blocky, pixelated graphics, having captured the hearts and minds of millions of players worldwide. 

At its core, Minecraft offers players an empty canvas, with a world randomly generated and composed out of a variety of biomes. Each biome is filled with distinct flora, fauna, and resources. Here, the only limit is the player’s imagination.

You can choose to mine deep into the earth for precious resources, create intricate machinery using the game’s unique redstone mechanics, or build monumental structures that will awe your friends. The impact of Minecraft extends far beyond its in-game experience, with thriving communities formed around shared creations, mods, multiplayer servers, and texture packs. Tons of user-generated content was made for Minecraft that users can use for free to further enhance their gameplay. 

What are texture packs in Minecraft?

One of the most popular types of custom content created by the community of Minecraft are texture packs. These packs allow players to change the appearance of their game by replacing the original textures of blocks, items, mobs, and the user interface. This way, players can customize their game to match their personal tastes, create a specific aesthetic, or upgrade the visual side of the game.

For example, a texture pack might give the game a medieval feel or make it look more realistic. They can also turn the game into a completely different visual experience, such as a futuristic or horror-themed setting. Texture packs can range from small alterations to full overhauls, and are typically downloaded from community sites.

In Minecraft’s 1.6 update released in 2013, texture packs were replaced by “resource packs” that can also change sounds, music, language files, splash texts, and much more, allowing for an even greater degree of customization. Resource packs that mostly aim to change textures, however, are still colloquially referred to as texture packs.

How to install Minecraft texture packs on Windows 10?

Installing your texture pack is a simple process - here are the steps:

  1. Download your preferred texture pack. Remember that the texture pack must be in a ZIP format.
  2. Open Minecraft on your Windows 10 and select “Options” then “Resource Packs”
  3. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find an “Open Resource Pack Folder” button. Press it.
  4. Drag and drop or copy-paste the texture pack file you downloaded into this folder.
  5. Your texture pack should appear in the available resource packs. Hover over it and click the arrow pointing to the right to select it.
  6. Hit done. Minecraft will take a moment to reload and your new texture should all be in place!

Where to download Minecraft texture packs from?

There are numerous websites and online platforms where you can download texture packs for Minecraft. However, it’s incredibly important to only use trusted sources to protect your device and your Minecraft account. Here are some websites you can try that are confirmed reliable sources of Minecraft custom content:

  • Minecraft Official Marketplace: If you’re playing on the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft (for Windows 10, consoles, and mobile devices), the safest place to get texture packs is the official Minecraft Marketplace. The packs you’ll find there are created by verified partners of Minecraft, so they’re always safe and high-quality. While some are free, there are some packs that must be purchased.
  • Planet Minecraft: Planet Minecraft is a community-driven website where users can share their Minecraft creations, including texture packs. You can find a range of styles, resolutions, and themes, with filters allowing you to easily sort all packs. The content is user-rated, and you can see how many downloads each pack has, which gives you a good idea of its popularity and quality.
  • CurseForge: CurseForge is a reputable website where you can find a huge variety of Minecraft mods and texture packs. All packs on CurseForge are free to download and have user ratings and reviews.
  • Official Minecraft Forum: The official forum of Minecraft includes a section on custom content, including texture packs. Users post their ready texture packs there, as well as WIP packs that are still in the making. 

When you download a texture pack, make sure it's compatible with the version of Minecraft you're using. It's also a good practice to scan any files you download with an antivirus program to ensure they're safe. After downloading, you'll need to install the texture pack into your game, which generally involves moving the downloaded file into the correct folder in your Minecraft directory. Always remember to follow the specific instructions provided with each texture pack, as the process can vary.