One of the key elements of gaming on an Xbox console was getting to use your Microsoft Points. They were a virtual currency, integral to the Microsoft ecosystem, and could allow gamers to unlock new levels, purchase additional items, add new games to their library, watch movies, listen to music, and more! 

Whether you’re in the United Kingdom or anywhere else, redeeming your Microsoft Points will only take a couple of minutes. Today, we’ll show you exactly how to do it.

What are Microsoft Points?

Before we delve deeper into redeeming Microsoft Points, let’s first understand what exactly they are. Microsoft Points serve as the virtual currency of Microsoft, usable on Xbox and the Microsoft Store to purchase a wide range of items, including games, movies, apps, and more. Obtaining these points can be done in several ways, including the Xbox rewards system, or by simply purchasing them directly from Microsoft or reliable retailers.

Microsoft Points were first introduced in 2005, alongside the launch of Xbox 360. Their main goal was to give users a simple way to purchase online content without using a credit card - but don’t think it was done out of altruism, Microsoft simply wanted to reduce the number of small credit card transaction fees they would have to pay. Users can buy points in retail stores or via the Xbox console itself, then spend these points on a variety of digital goods available on Xbox Live Marketplace, including full game downloads, DLCs, movies, and more.

Nowadays, the Microsoft Points system looks nothing like it once did. In 2013, Microsoft Points were removed, and local cash currencies were implemented in their place. Users that still had Microsoft Points in their wallets had it converted to an equivalent amount of currency. Users can still purchase codes and gift cards for use on Xbox and Microsoft Store - just not in MS points.

How to redeem Microsoft Points?

While Microsoft and Xbox gift cards no longer feature Microsoft Points, they can still be redeemed just the same way. Regardless of whether you’re located in the UK or not, here are the steps:

  1. Navigate to the Microsoft Store on your Xbox console, or go to on any other device. You can also redeem your code from the Xbox app on your Windows PC.
  2. Select the “Redeem a code” option
  3. Enter the code found on your Microsoft gift card
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the redeeming process

And there you have it! Your Microsoft Points should now be added to your account and ready for you to use any purchase you desire.

What are Microsoft Rewards?

Microsoft Rewards is a free loyalty program offered by Microsoft that allows users to redeem Xbox rewards by performing various activities. The program was first launched in 2016 as a way to incentivize Microsoft’s services like the Bing search engine or the Microsoft Edge web browser. Participants can earn points for making Bing searches, buying products from the Microsoft store, completing quizzes and surveys, or using Microsoft Edge for their browsing.

The points you gather through the program can be redeemed for a range of rewards. The rewards include gift cards for Microsoft Store, entries into sweepstakes for larger prizes, donations to charitable organizations, or even direct deposits into your Microsoft account balance, which can then be used to buy games, apps, and other content. 

Joining Microsoft Rewards is simple and easy:

  1. Visit the Microsoft Rewards website at
  2. If you already have a Microsoft account, click “Sign In” at the top of the page. If you don’t have an account yet, you’ll need to create one. Click on “Create a Microsoft account” and follow the instructions presented on the screen.
  3. Once you are signed in to your Microsoft account, navigate back to the Microsoft Rewards page if you’re not automatically redirected.
  4. Click on the “Join Now” button or a similar prompt to start the registration process for the Microsoft Rewards program. You might have to verify your email address or phone number as part of this process.
  5. Once you’ve joined, you can start earning points right away by doing daily activities like searching on Bing, answering questions, reading articles, and more. Check out the Microsoft Rewards dashboard for all available tasks.

Keep in mind that participating in Microsoft Rewards is only available in certain regions, and some features may vary depending on your region as well. Make sure to check the terms and conditions of the Microsoft Rewards program to fully understand how it works.

Getting the most out of Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is an extensive platform that allows users to interact and engage with Microsoft’s products and services while earning rewards. It’s not just about the points, but also about discovering new features, products, and learning opportunities presented by Microsoft. Check your dashboard frequently for new daily sets and challenges, designed to boost your points while also increasing your knowledge and know-how with Microsoft’s product.

The rewards are integrated seamlessly with the Microsoft Edge browser, allowing users to easily earn points and browse tasks. Shoppers at the Microsoft Store - both online and physical - also benefit from points on their purchases. Every dollar spent on Microsoft products will award participants of the Rewards program with a number of points depending on your Rewards Level.

The Microsoft Rewards program is tiered, meaning that users can earn higher levels depending on their level of activity. Level 1 is the default tier - users can earn Level 2 by reaching 500 Microsoft Rewards points each month, no matter how they are earned. Level 2 users benefit from more points reward from daily Bing searches, using Microsoft Edge, and more points per dollar spent in Microsoft Store (double for Xbox Live Gold users). 

Level 2 users also get access to special member sales and discounts, along with surprise invitations to exclusive member-only events. Participants with Level 2 can also gain up to 10% off when buying products from Microsoft brands or redeeming Microsoft codes, so create your Rewards account if you haven’t already and start collecting points!

Troubleshooting common issues with redeeming Microsoft codes

Sometimes, you might run into problems when you try to redeem your Microsoft code. Let’s take a look at some of the most common issues and how to resolve them:

    • Invalid Code: Check that you’ve entered the code correctly, as they often contain complex combinations of numbers and letters. If you’re sure your code is entered correctly and the error is still showing, contact the seller.
    • Used Code: Each redeem code Microsoft provides can only be used once. If you’ve purchased a new code, and it’s still showing that it is used, make sure to contact the retailer.
    • Regional Restrictions: Most Microsoft codes are region-specific, which means they’ll only work in a certain country or region. If you bought a code in one country but are trying to redeem it in another, it might not work.